21 February 2013

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It …

On a recent trip to Melbourne, my friend Alana and I checked out the Fitzroy Market on a hot Saturday morning.  A myriad of vintage delights were on offer including the Ukulele Band who turned up to entertain the crowd.  Alana left with some impressive purchases and my special find was an 80’s Milano watch.


IMG_4094Beautiful Fitzroy architecture IMG_4059The Ukulele Band heats up

What’s not to love?P1020675

IMG_4118Alana and I at the Vegie Bar
Fitzroy Street Art Fitzroy Street Art Fitzroy BikeOn Yer Bike

Alana recently bought a Canon 1100D camera and is learning about it’s manual functions.  I gave her some guidance, then sent her on a colour mission round the market.  She chose purple as her colour theme and off she went.  The brief was to photograph 9 purple items, but once she started there was no stopping her!  Check out Alana’s blog and purple post here  http://www.copescuriosities.com/   In the mean time, I chose red and here’s what I found in a short space of time…

Red Apron Red Beer Stand  Red Shoes & Shower
 Red Box  Red Chairs Red Dog
Red Shoes Red Hat  Red Cupcake Stand

What a great day we had Alana, thanks so much.


little_miss_violet said...

It was a great day - thank YOU! Love your red photos, the apron is gorgeous x

Bethjo said...

Not been on my blog for a very long time...Been with my partner now for 3yrs, so life drastically changed. Loved looking at your blog and hope all is well in your world. Not had chance to been creative as I also have a new teaching job. However looking at your images/artwork has inspired me to make some time for myself. All the best. Sunbeam smiles, Jo :-)