24 April 2012

con.cat.e.nate conclusion

I started this 2012 year with great gusto and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge I set myself for this project.  It made me stop what I was doing at some point during the day, pick up my sketching gear, and take time out to look at my cats in a new light, and in a multitude of interesting poses.  After settling in to the discipline of drawing one or other of the cats six out of seven days a week, I really began to enjoy it.
It is with sadness that I have to let this project go.   In the time since the last main post for my con.cat.e.nate project on 27 January , there have been three big events in my life:
  • My Mum passed away unexpectedly on 28th January
  • I had some unplanned major surgery in early March and have still not recovered from it, and sadly  …
  • One of my two cats, Sammy, was run over while I was in hospital, broke her leg badly, and had to be euthanized.  I didn’t get to say goodbye to her and it hurts. 
I love my animals to pieces and cannot continue this project with just Bella because it will make me think of Sammy constantly.  It was a good idea at the time, and maybe in the future I will resume cat drawings.
In the meantime, all is not lost.   Today I have spent too much time scanning/reading blogs and websites of those artists that I really admire and have to say that my drive to make my own books, sketch, attempt to use watercolours, and revive my journalling has been spiked.

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