7 January 2012

con.cat.e.nate update #1

hmmmmm ……   '’ A BIT OF A FAUX PAS”  as they say ….
It wasn’t until I turned the page to do my sketch for 7th January, that I realised that Saturdays and Sundays have been lumped together on one page on this “page-per-day” calendar I am using.   Oops.  I thought about it for a while.  Could I do two little sketches on the one page and still  post one for each day?  No, that wasn’t going to work because my page only measures 125mm x 113mm as it is, so it’s too small to fit 2 sketches.  Even though this has definitely put a spanner in the works and messes up the Sketch A Day goal, I decided to go with the flow and only do one sketch on the weekend and maybe spend more time on it.

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