27 June 2009

EDM 52 A Dog & Your Relationship With It

EDM52We have the neighbours from hell.   Their dog is a Swedish Sheepdog (Vallhund) named Ralphie.  He looks a bit like a German Shepherd with it’s legs sawn off.   Since they got him as a puppy, only 3 months after we bought this house, they have let him bark and bark and bark and blame everyone else who dared to complain.   I am an animal lover, but my relationship with this dog is one of contempt.  He barks at us every time we set foot outside.  He barks at every dog and everyone who uses the reserve behind us.  He barks outside our bedroom window at 5.00 am on a Sunday morning.  I figure he’s lucky to be alive.  Poor Ralphie, it’s not his fault that everyone despises him.


Hillary said...

He looks good, I am surprised. Thought you might have put horns or a megaphone on him. Lovely study.

Di said...

Thanks Hillary ... it's the owners that need the horns!